Llama Adoption

Surrender Process

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Lamas (llamas and alpacas) are typically surrendered due to lifestyle changes. This can be due to a divorce, health issues, job loss and occasionally the death of the lama owner. Prior to the intake of the animal, an evaluation is done to determine if the lama has any behavioral issues. ABS (Aberrant Behavior Syndrome), though rare, may be a possibility with a lama. Most lamas surrendered, however, are well behaved and halter trained.Upon intake, the animals are updated on vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian. If necessary, fighting teeth will be blunted and gelding will also take place by the veterinarian. Untrained animals are halter trained and an evaluation will be done to determine if the animal has guardian capabilities with sheep and/or goats. Occasionally an animal will show an interest in packing, at that time packing training will be undertaken with that animal.

> Click here to download the surrender process form.
Adoption Process

Prior to placing an animal with an adoptive home, an evaluation must be completed. This would ensure that the lama(s) will have adequate space, shelter, feed, veterinary care and the adopter requesting the animal is wanting a lama for the right reasons. Steps are taken to ensure the animal is not being adopted impulsively and once placed are hopefully placed permanently. AZLR also provides mentorship throughout the lama’s life time either with an AZLR volunteer or AZLR will find a person with knowledge of lama care. This includes toenail trimming, handler training and shearing.

> Click here to download the adoption process form.

Adoption Fee Schedule

All llamas will have current vaccinations, be halter trained, and gelded if male. Several adoption options are available. Please inquire about the fees.
Foster Process

The fostering process is much like the adoption process but the animal(s) are still available for adoption. The foster caretaker must pass the evaluation and is responsible for shelter, space and feed. However, should the foster caretaker wish to adopt the lama(s), then, after a period of time of fostering, a discount is given on the adoption fee.
So, why would one adopt or foster a lama? Well, they are multi-talented animals, for one! Their fiber can be used to be spun into a luxurious yarn that can then be used for knitting, weaving, crocheting, tatting and other needle arts. Unspun the fiber makes a beautiful felted material. Llama beans are wonderful for the garden. Tired of carrying all that weight on your backpack trips to the high country? Why not train your new friend to carry the load? Llamas, because of their soft padded feet, are environmentally friendly and do not cause damage to terrain. They also have “neat” droppings so you don’t have to worry about a mess a much larger horse would leave behind. Have a stressful job and need to wind down? A llama is the perfect therapist! Due to their quiet persona and zen-like nature, just being around a llama is enough to erase the stress of the day! It’s just unfortunate that everyone isn’t lucky enough to have a llama in their life!

> Click here to download the foster process form.

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  1. Janice & Chris Dunn permalink
    April 4, 2010

    Hello Barbara (if you are answering this), You may remember us. We are friends of Chris and Nancy Wilson, and we used to live in the Verde Valley. We also used to run Arizona Llama Adventures. I’m writing this because we are looking for another llama for packing. We are interested in adopting or fostering a llama. Do you have a llama that might be a good packer.

    Thanks, Janice Dunn

  2. Ron and Twiggy Smith permalink
    August 23, 2010


    We met last year at the Yavapai County Fair and we are interested in adopting a llama. We are interested in Topaz or another female. We live in Chino Valley and currently have two llamas, one male and one female. We are wondering if you plan on attending the fair in September and if so, would it be convenient to bring the llama so we can pick her up there?

    Please feel free to contact us anytime!

    Ron and Twiggy Smith

  3. Debbie Severance permalink
    December 13, 2010

    To whom it may concern:

    I love animals. Their therapeutic aura is once of amazment. I have recued two mini horses. One, The mothers filly has a beautiful home now. The mother had been over fed for quite sometime and we are treating her for laminitis and founder. She has lost alot of weight. The former owner said she was pregnant and due in Nov. She was not pregnant at all-just over fed. She will never leave my care.
    I rescued a gelding-product of a bad divorce. In the past he had penile cancer and had surgery for that. He is currenly cancer free at this time and I know for a fact that he will never leave my care. You mention cancer and people run.
    I rescued an arabian mare who had been starved and beaten. She is 20 years old. With love and patience, she has put her weight back on, loves to go for rides. Her hair has stopped falling out and she has now been adopted to a new home with other senior arabians.
    I also have three black belly sheep, 2-ewes, one ram. I raise those for meat. (sorry).
    I have always wanted a llama, and I am willing to foster. But they must be gelded. :)
    About me: My name is Debbie Severance. I am 54 years young. I have worked for the Federal Government for 27 years. I currently work at the VA hospital here in Tucson, Arizona. I have been with this VA hospital for 10 going on 11 years and haven’t any plans of leaving.
    I have found my perfect home and somehow troubled animals find me. With loads of love and even more patience, they seem to come back to their true selves. When an animal I foster finds a home I cry for days. But I cry for a job well done in knowing that they will be happy where they are going and for what they came through to get to a happy home.
    If considered to be foster mama to llamas, I will study up more on them, I read about animals in the moring after feeding, till one of them nips at the books for attention. Please reply back as to what I need to foster a llama.
    Thank you

  4. January 24, 2011

    Hello Barbara (if you are answering this), You may remember us. We are friends of Chris and Nancy Wilson, and we used to live in the Verde Valley. We also used to run Arizona Llama Adventures. I’m writing this because we are looking for another llama for packing. We are interested in adopting or fostering a llama. Do you have a llama that might be a good packer.

  5. July 10, 2011

    Hello Barbara (if you are answering this), You may remember us. We are friends of Chris and Nancy Wilson, and we used to live in the Verde Valley. We also used to run Arizona Llama Adventures. I’m writing this because we are looking for another llama for packing. We are interested in adopting or fostering a llama. Do you have a llama that might be a good packer.

  6. July 27, 2011

    Hello Barbara,
    I saw the piece on you on channel 12. It is great that you have undertaken llama rescue. I remember how much all my students at EcoTech enjoyed walking over to see your llamas. Great memories! Do you know if anyone is doing camel rescue? I sure miss my guy, Shamsuddin. I am still raising and selling sheep and goats out here in San Tan Valley, doing a lot of gardening and yardwork. My little girl is now 19 and a college student. I am also a grandmother. One of my twin sons married about 3 years ago and has a son that is 2 and the only one who enjoys the farm as much as I do! I hope to hear from you, Barbara.


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