Why llama’s spit….

2013 January 30
by admin

There are many misconceptions about llama spitting.  It’s a social behavior that is often exaggerated for reasons we as an organization dedicated to llama health and welfare don’t quite understand.


Here’s what you should know:
·       When properly raised in a healthy herd environment, it is rare for a llama to spit at a person.  We see it when the llama was handled excessively during its first two years of development – petting, hugging, bottle feeding, or over-handling.  Also when a llama is restrained during veterinary exams, where the animal is unable to flee, spitting may occur as a stress and defense mechanism.
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·       Spit happens between llamas to establish pecking order, when a llama is encroaching on another llama’s space, or when they’re having a quarrel.  A llama’s social status in the herd is ever-shifting. When feeding llamas, it’s recommended to have a least one hay-feeding station more than the number in the herd.   Some will share, but having an extra feeding station gives them an ability to establish a personal space; thereby, lessening the potential for conflict.

·       Llama spit is nasty; and as shown in the photo, it’s not a pleasant taste or smell for the llama sending or receiving.  It’s basically regurgitated hay – green and wet – up from their three stomach compartments.

Phantom has a new home

2013 January 30
by admin

IMG_5583 IMG_5582







This past Saturday, volunteers drove Phantom to his new home in Wickenburg, AZ.  Arizona Llama Rescue will place only one llama if the adoptive home already has a llama, because of their social need to be a part of a herd – even if it’s only a herd of two.  In this case, Phantom will have a lot of company with a llama, alpacas, and horses.  The new owners reported on Sunday that Phantom is shy, but is getting to know his new family and hasn’t missed a meal.


2013 January 3
by admin

Three coyotes visited our Snowflake, AZ, facility this morning just before sunrise.  This one posed briefly before running off.  With our herd of llamas standing watch, the coyotes posed no threat to our sheep, goats, alpacas, and chickens.  
To learn more about how llamas can serve as guardians, please send your questions to Dave at rescuewrangler@gmail.com

The Llama of Death

2012 December 31
by admin

The Arizona Llama Rescue Organization is very proud to share Betty Webb’s newest book THE LLAMA OF DEATH.  AZLR has been core to the inspiration of this fantastic book and takes great pride in sharing this wonderful story.


Please join AZLR at the publication party for “The Llama of Death,” 2 p.m. Sunday, January 6, at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore, 4014 No. Goldwater Blvd., Scottsdale.

The book has received rave pre-publication reviews from all the majors, including Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus. Library Journal said, “This is the real deal!”

Please come — and bring friends!!!

Looking for a pet? Chandler woman seeks homes for 15 llamas

2010 March 23
by admin

Looking for a pet? Chandler woman seeks homes for 15 llamas.

>> Click here for the full story

“Llamas Find Refuge at Queen Creek Facility” by Sarah J. Boggan Featured in the East Valley Tribune

2010 March 23
by admin

April 21, 2008

“Llamas Find Refuge at Queen Creek Facility”
by Sarah J. Boggan
Featured in the East Valley Tribune

” Queen Creek residents Dave Salge and Alicia Santiago have their hands full with nine    rescued llamas in addition to four of their own, as part of the Arizona Llama Rescue, a non  -profit they founded. “A lot of older people get into llamas and alpacas and eventually they go into nursing homes or pass away” Santiago said. “A majority come from those situations…”

> Click here for the full article
> Click here for the video

“Taking Care of Llamas is Serious for Chandler Woman” by Weldon Johnson Featured on www.azcentral.com

2010 March 23
by admin

April 3, 2009

“Taking Care of Llamas is Serious for Chandler Woman”
by Weldon Johnson
Featured on www.azcentral.com

“Barbara Peacock is used to people stopping and staring at the odd-looking animals in her backyard …..”

> Click here for the full article

“Rescue Finds Homes for Llamas” by Weldon Johnson Featured in the Chandler Republic

2010 March 23
by admin

April 4, 2009

“Rescue Finds Homes for Llamas”
by Weldon Johnson
Featured in the Chandler Republic

“A good potential llama owner is someone with enough space for athe animals and lives in    an area where they are allowed”

Dave’s adventure with Lakota

2010 February 23
by admin

It wasn’t the best day to travel; but Kathy Lohr was very excited to meet Lakota and welcome him to his new home in Mayer, Arizona.

Lakota has a new home!

I hit my first snow between Camp Verde and Strawberry, and then as I started up the Mogollon towards Forest Lakes and Heber found the 4-wheel-drive a necessity with snow and wind staying with me all the way to Snowflake.

Traveling with me today from Queen Creek to Snowflake was our recent alpaca surrender – Bandit (a.k.a. Norman).  He also seemed happy with his new space; flirting with the girls and running through the snow along the guy’s fence line.  We’ll start working on his some of his social inadequacies after he gets acclimated.

Nash  had been weathering the storm all afternoon and wasn’t too excited about his new roommate.

Meet the Llamas in Tucson This Weekend

2010 February 18
by admin

Arizona Llama Rescue will be at Reid Park in Tucson,Arizona this Saturday 2/20. Come visit the llamas and learn about these amazing animals. The AZLR team will be on hand to answer questions and talk about adoption with interested families